Mother Jones Magazine features brave #MeToo silence breaker


During the era of #MeToo, more women are bravely stepping forward about the sexual harassment they have experienced. The Mother Jones article “She Said, He Sued: MeToo Accusers Face Defamation Suits,” brings needed attention to the increasing tactic of accused perpetrators launching defamation lawsuits to continue to silence their accusers.

The story describes how Pamela Lopez reported sexual assault allegations against now former California State Assemblymember Matthew Dababneh. Following Ms. Lopez speaking out, many other women came forward with their own accounts of harassment or assault by Dababneh and the California Assembly conducted a full investigation that ultimately found Ms. Lopez credible and supported affirmed her complaint.

After the legislature found against him, Dababneh filed the defamation lawsuit against Ms. Lopez, who turned to Jean Hyams to represent and defend her from attack.

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