Trial Partnerships

We formed Vinick Hyams Trial Partners with the vision of making co-counseling relationships central to how we prosecute cases.

We manage our docket so we can jump into cases as Trial Partners just when you need us. Whether that’s a few months before trial or at the eleventh-hour, you can call on us to enhance and expand your trial team. Our goal is not to take over your case, it is to win it with you. We will work with you to shape trial themes, create a dynamic trial plan, craft targeted motions in limine, and do everything else that is needed to ensure that the trial team and our clients enter the courtroom with confidence.


In the course of trial prep, we will share our well-developed methods to plan for trial, pick a jury, prepare witnesses for examination, draft compelling cross-examination, and develop powerful opening and closing statements. We pride ourselves on bringing focus, calm and confidence to every stage of trial preparation and trial.

We have a long history of successful, collaborative co-counseling relationships with talented colleagues. That includes co-counseling cases in trial and arbitrations throughout California, and working with attorneys from more than 50 other law firms.  We believe that when worker’s rights attorneys join forces, we amplify our power and vastly increase the likelihood of success.

If you are interested in exploring working with us as Trial Partners, please reach out.

What Co-Counsel Are Saying About Us

Rebecca Peterson-Fisher

Partner, Katz Banks Kumin LLP

Sharon is one of my favorite attorneys to work with. Her three decades of litigation experience makes her a tremendous resource and strategist, and her commitment to egalitarian relationships with colleagues enables others to learn effectively from her. I have always known I could rely on her 100% as co-counsel.

Sean McHenry

McHenry Law Firm

Jean helped me win my first jury trial with a tough federal court judge, big pharma defendant, and big-shot defense lawyer. There’s no one else I would rather have had in the trenches with me. Co-counseling with Jean was a collaborative experience that was not merely transactional, but strong on mentorship. Looking back, it was a clear turning point in my career from intermediate to fully-formed lawyer.

Patrice Goldman

Principal, Law Offices of Patrice Goldman APC

Sharon and Jean are two of my favorite employment lawyers. They are incredibly intelligent, articulate, and genuinely empathetic lawyers. I am always looking for opportunities to co-counsel with them, or simply just pick their brains about issues.

Jessica Riggin

Partner, Rukin Hyland & Riggin, LLP

Jean is a real life trial fairy godmother – but instead of magical woodland creatures she comes prepared with proof charts, years of experience, excellent judgment, and the perfect mix of calm competence and a fiery advocate’s spirit.  I can’t imagine a better trial partner.

Jenny Schwartz

Partner, Outten & Golden

Having worked directly with Sharon, I can give my highest recommendation. She is a rare combination: experienced, thoughtful, strategic, creative, tenacious, meticulous and fun!

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